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2013-07-16 Changshu Walsin Through OHSAS18001, ISO14001 System Certification

Recently, OHSAS and ISO reviewers reviewed Changshu Walsin according to GB/T 24001-2004 and GB//T28001-2011 standard, on June 25, announced we passed the audit and issued OHSAS18001, ISO14001 certification.


Changshu Walsin has integrated green industry into the development of enterprise for a long time, invested the construction of the sewage treatment system, the effluent treatment recycling, in addition, the factory also installed a dust removal device unified, centralized collection of dust production, purification factory air.


For the certification, Walsin attached great important to it. As early as last year, the preparatory work began in earnest, QA department as the lead department, others department involved. We do a lot of works like: Section managers above training for OHSAS stripes; According to OHSAS, ISO requirements, preparation of management manual, procedures, management practices, operational standards and other documents; Carry out hazard identification and training of all employees; Collection companies applicable safety laws and regulations, national standards and staff training. These preparations provided a solid foundation for successfully achieved this certification.


Through this certification, enhanced the company's health and safety management, improve the management level, improve staff awareness of production safety accidents,  effectively controlled to avoid damage to the interests of employees and businesses. Changshu Walsin has been concerned about the harmonious development of man and the environment.